Thursday, November 6, 2008


Ok So this is slowing working. Or I should say I am slowly starting to figure this out. So Here are the kids on Halloween. Aubree was an ice cream cone and Braxton was an Oreo Cookie. Mom made their costumes. Aubree got 3rd place at the Costume Contest in Seward. So we were excited for that. Also I got their pictures taken for the Banner Press so they were in there today! They had fun Trick or Treating but after all the Halloween Parties and everything we attended we were exhausted! So now we need a few weeks to recover before all the excitement of Thanksgiving and Christmas starts:)


Kelsey said...

Welcome to the blog world it is addicting.. I love this picture as it is taken at my house :)

chopperfamily said...

Thanks! I was all excited to see i had a comment! I'm like someone actually read it yea! It is addicting. I just got into a habit of checking peoples. So we'll see how I do. It still takes me a long time to get pictures on, but usually I can do one at a time so its not too bad, we'll see how it goes!

Tiffany said...

Now I can stalk YOUR blog!